Jyjys-Photography: Where Every Click Tells a Story

Love, Laughter, & a R&B Soundtrack: Your West Palm Beach Wedding Photographer

Yo lovebirds! It's Widjy B, your local West Palm Beach wedding photographer with rhythm in my soul, a lens ready to capture your forever beat, and a competitive streak honed on chessboards and pool tables! ♟️

My roots trace back to the vibrant shores of Haiti, where life's ups and downs instilled a deep love for two things: music and capturing moments. Whether it was borrowing a friend's camera to freeze-frame fleeting expressions or mixing beats to create my own soundtrack to life, these passions became my escape, my way of telling stories. ✨

Think late-night R&B sessions fueling creative fire, smooth jazz grooves setting the mood for heartfelt moments – yeah, music is more than just a background track for me. It's the energy I bring to every session, the rhythm that guides my eye to find your unique love story unfolding under the West Palm Beach sun. ☀️

But why choose me? Let's strategize your dream wedding:

  • Your Personal Beach Bum: From hidden coves to iconic piers, I know the lay of the land (and the best lighting!). Your West Palm Beach wedding will be picture-perfect, effortlessly unique.
  • Capturing Your Vibe: Whether you're rocking a classic elegance or a laid-back, barefoot ceremony, I capture the essence of your love and personality with an R&B-infused lens. No cheesy poses, just real moments fueled by genuine connection.
  • More Than a Photographer: Consider me your wedding hype-woman (and game strategist)! Timelines, vendor recommendations, endless enthusiasm – I'm here to make your day flow beautifully, with a soundtrack of joy and laughter.
  • Storytelling Maestro: Forget stiff poses! I capture the candid smiles, the tearful vows, the in-between moments that make your love story resonate like a soulful melody.

Ready to chat about your dream West Palm Beach wedding? Let's grab a coffee (or a piña colada, because this is paradise, remember?) and get creative. Matter of fact i challenge on a chess game or pool game night even if you don't book me for your big day. How about that?

Click the link below to schedule a free consultation! Don't forget to tell me your favorite R&B or jazz tune – it might just become the soundtrack to your wedding video!

And if you would like to know more, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions and concerns that you may have. Looking forward to answers your questions.

a picture of a bride wedding accessories on the bed, and this photo was taking by jyjys-photography
Groom standing and waiting to see his bride on the first look session, and this photo was taking by jyjys-photography
Bride getting her make up done.
Bride and bridal party showing their robes
Bride wedding dress
Bride and Groom kissing.
Groom smiling as he's looking at his bride walking don the aisle
Bride ad Groom enjoying their solo moment outside
A picture of the wedding ceremony setup
Bride and her bridal party including her mom
Bride in her dress on a black and white photo
Bride and her sisters
Groom holding his shoe
Bride and groom walking in from the ceremony to the reception
Bride and Groom kissing
Groom and his groomsmen
Bride and Groom taking some portrait shots before the ceremony starts, This photo was takin by jyjys-photography
Bride walking towards her bride on the rocks at the beach
Bridal party and with bride and groom for the first look session, and this photo was taking by jyjys-photography
Bride and her bridal party at the hotel
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